Gradually sudden shocks since I stepped in Europe.

To reminisce about the day I said goodbye to my family and friends , I have spent 1 year here mostly in Finland and I couldnt imagine such lots of shocks I have had to encounter .
The first thing , nowhere else but in Vietnam, life is enclosed with warm and kindliness . In this case , I mention the way people here treats each other,  especially in Finland.  Although they are gracious, good-hearted , it has been a custom for one person that he lives on his own and keeps silent until others query him  . Finnish is quiet (true in both literal and figurative sense).
The second thing , technology is nothing without distribution, effort and money . The first place in Europe where I set my foot was German . And it is inevitably indifferent from what I have thought in VN . Yes , it has tons of Ipod , XboX 360 , PDA; cheap , luxuriant mobile phones . But that creates the tendency to buy and more money goes away from my pocket . I can only feel comfortable if i have such amount of money . Actually , I dont have that much so that I dont feel easeful here .
So what does it mean : technology is nothing without distribution and effort . It means I’ll get what I deserve to get . There is no longer the term I set in my mind years ago : study IT with inspiration ; but only being industrious can make a breakthrough in the ant-holl of thousands IT ants (Life is not easy , for sure).
…. to be continued with next entry …

2 thoughts on “Gradually sudden shocks since I stepped in Europe.

  1. You wrote: "nowhere else but in Vietnam, life is enclosed with warm and kindliness" but why don't you live and study here? Anyway, try your best ,"co^' le^n", you will reach at your destination, good luck !!!

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