has been slightly optimized

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First, I am very grateful to those who bear the beta stage with me. I know there are such annoying bugs and inconvenience while using but please do not worry, I am still eating my own dog food every day. Yes, I have made it my habit of reading funny comics and jokes there and it is real fun. Any inconvenience in usability you currently face is probably the one I hate the most while reading there. I try to improve the site considering myself as normal as any one else.

There will be many differences in the next release of The speed of uploading and reading has been improved a lot, the page is load faster thanks to the new server and new caching method. And there should be slight changes in UI such as users are allowed to post links in the comment, a better upload button is now located on the left, the page displays correctly in most browser …

Although I think the site has achieved the stable stage in functionality, there are much more things to do to make it eye-candy to the user and yet fully accessible. 😀



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