Detecting browsers javascript hacks in a tweet

Hi folks.

I am recently very fond of the term “code in a tweet” which means that a very useful piece of source code can even fit a Twitter post.  Below here is the shortest javascript that can detect IE browser by Andrea (yeah, IE sucks and we have to detect it to eliminate its problems)


Moreover, Gareth Heyes has come up with other browser detections and gather them together

//Firefox detector 2/3 by DoctorDan
//Firefox 3
FF3=(function x(){})[-5]=='x'
//Firefox 2
FF2=(function x(){})[-6]=='x'
//IE detector I posted previously
//Safari detector
Op=/^function \(/.test([].sort)

Usage: The variable assignment is the abbreviation of the browser e.g. FF, IE, Op, Saf, Chr which return true or false.

And this is the most interesting part: one-liner to rule them all

B=(function x(){})[-5]=='x'?'FF3':(function x(){})[-6]=='x'?'FF2':/a/[-1]=='a'?'FF':'\v'=='v'?'IE':/a/.__proto__=='//'?'Saf':/s/.test(/a/.toString)?'Chr':/^function \(/.test([].sort)?'Op':'Unknown'

Usage: B will return a string of the abbreviation of the browser
Tell me what do you think? And if you find any cool stuff like that let me know.


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