How many manga characters to kill top 10 comic superheroes?

This post is for entertainment purpose only. As the title has suggested, we have here the top 10 comic superheroes, according to And the question is: “How many manga characters would it take in order to kill the top 10 comic superheroes?”

1. Superman

2. Spider-Man

3. Batman

4. Wolverine

5. The Hulk

6. Wonder Woman

7. Green Lantern

8. Captain America

9. Spawn

10. Punisher

And the answer is: ONE (1)

Misa Amane

Given that she has a pen, the Death Note and somewhere safe to watch the superheroes and write all of their names on the note.


7 thoughts on “How many manga characters to kill top 10 comic superheroes?

  1. OK, I guess I gotta step in for comic book fans here.

    In regards to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman she’d have to know their real names. Then again, if she has the sight she’d be able to see them but do you think she could look at Superman and write it down before he flew in to stop her? I mean, he could find her through walls and see her WELL before she could see him. As for Wonder Woman, seeing as she’s made of clay it would have to be a pretty creative death since heart attacks only work on people with hearts.

    In regards to Wolverine, get his real name, let him know. Sure, they’re saying it’s James but how long did we think it was Logan?

    Hulk, Punisher, Green Lantern, Spiderman and, as much as I hate to say it, Captain America would all probably fall dead to what is, in my opinion, the most overrated fictional character of all time as it seems like everyone knows their names.

    This one bugs me though. Spawm would be the one to completely remain untouched as he couldn’t be more dead than he is now. Not only because he’s undead but also because they killed his character off to make way for a new Spawm. But…I don’t want to argue this because I greatly disagree that Spawn would be in the top ten as he hasn’t truly been relivant since the ninties.

  2. @Adrien: 1 girl to kill ’em all ^_^

    @L’ordinaire: true, we don’t know if Death Note can bring deaths to living beings by causing heart attack by default; can it also bring deaths to beings like Spawn by causing the source of life (in this case, sth different than the heart) to stop.

    @Ted Kord: you do have some good points. We just want to say that this post is only for fun, and the list was taken from, so it might not be correct for everyone.

    Misa can not defeat Superman in a 1v1 case, like Batman vs Superman should be about intelligence, not power. (Superman was given too much power, by the way). And for Wonder Woman, maybe making her body to dissolve is the best death 😛

  3. You know, then again. As much as I hate Death Note, it still wouldn’t be as bad as the way they ACTUALLY killed off Batman.

  4. Spawn, Captain America, Batman, Wolverine and Spiderman cannot be killed by her because she needs to see their face

  5. the spawn thing is true but i beleave misa is screwed against the punisher cant write if he painted the ceiling with her brains

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